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Rosary Miracles

The Holy Rosary has played an enormous part in the life of the artist and here, you can read about a few of the many "miracles" of this powerful prayer.

  1. As a young mother, Nellie rediscovered the Rosary after feeling led to begin 'sidewalk counseling' at a local 'abortuary.' The first day of this apostolate was on the Feast of the Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary. "After finishing the Rosary, we encountered a woman of about 25, who had come for her scheduled abortion....We told her, "We love and care about you and your child." She went on in, so we began another mystery of the Rosary...imploring Our Lady's aid. Within moments, the young mother came out and walked up to us, to thank us for helping her choose life."
    She was the first of about 12 that we were certain had a change of heart and chose life. (Many others, after seeing us there, would drive away and we entrusted them to Our lady.)

  2. "The abortionist soon hired off-duty policemen to act as 'guards.' Since our custom was to immediately pray the Rosary, we prayed for the abortionist and all in his employ...As soon as we finished, we approached the 1st one and showed him photos of aborted babies...saying, "here is what you are 'guarding' behind those walls. He seemed shocked at the reality of abortion and never returned....This was repeated until 5 officers came only once and never again. One even came to stand with us on several occasions. We were so happy, that God's Grace, through the Rosary, penetrated the lies of satan and these men saw Truth...but we were especially blessed, when all 5 officers came in a show of support at our 1st trial...all wearing the red rose lapel pins we had given them!

  3. "At our first trial, all five of us prayed our Rosary silently in the defendant box. We had confidence that Our Lady would assist us and were delighted when the Judge made the remarkable statement, that he believed "for the record, that life begins at the moment of conception." After this, he said, "But if one of you believe I will not hear this case based on established law, I will step down and let another judge hear this case." We looked over at the abortionist and his entourage', expecting that they would all raise their hands....yet, there they sat, all with the look of consternation on their if being restrained by the Angels...dispatched at Our Lady's command!"

  4. "One day, after the discouragement of seeing no verifiable fruits of our vigil for some time, we prayed the Rosary, asking for a sign of encouragement. Within a few minutes, a young man drove up, got out and walked straight toward us. He said he was there for two reasons; to thank us for our presence and to go in to tell his father, the abortionist, that he was no longer going to accept his "blood money" for college tuition! He told us that our vigil helped to stir his conscience and asked us not to stop, since he hoped it would do likewise for his father."

  5. "We had just finished the Rosary, when a woman of about fifty,approached us, shrieking obsceneties. Attempting to intimidate us for 'interfering with a woman's right to choose', she even pulled a gun from her purse and began waving it at us. I suddenly knew to ask her if she herself might be wounded by an abortion....and she immediately broke down ~ the flood of tears, revealing her inner turmoil and anguish. We instinctively gave her a group hug, telling her how precious she was to God. She recounted to us how years before, her boyfriend had urged abortion as a remedy for their situation. He told her whatever he thought she wanted to hear. She went on to say that she could not stop crying after it was done and when she tried, numerous times to talk to him, he would get too, her 'friend' who also urged the killing of her child. (as is very common, their relationship too died soon) So, for self preservation, she began to justify what she had 'chosen.' She was a card carrying member of NARAL and now, by the grace of God, through the vehicle of Our Lady's Rosary, she was asking us for as much ProLife literature as we could give her...pledging to live her life "on the side of Life!"

  6. (more Rosary miracle stories to come)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Rosary Poem

Blessed Mother, Tell Us – How Came You By This Prayer
Avenue Of God’s Own Grace ~ Oh Tell Us, Mother Fair

Handmaid Of The Lord ~ Living Will Of God
We’re Sure The Holy Rosary ~ Came Somehow By His Nod

Dear Mary, We Are Puzzled – We Know Not How For Sure
But Since You Know The Secret – Please Tell Us Mother Pure

My Child, Here Is The Answer – Who Gave This Prayer To Me
The Center Of The Rosary – God The Son, You See

Jesus Fashioned It Himself – For Me To Give To You
Remind You Of His Life, His Death ~ And Resurrection Too

So Pray The Rosary Daily – God’s Gift Of Meditation
Pray To Bring True Peace On Earth – Restore All Of Creation




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