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Clergy Discounts

We are happy to give Clergy discounts in appreciation for your service to Our Lord in His Holy Church.

If you are interested in obtaining a set of sample art prints for fund raising, we will send them at ‘wholesale.’ You may then use them to get orders for “X-amount suggested minimum donation”.

Once the orders are placed, relay it to us and pay the wholesale price. Example: Your “minimum donation” amount is $25.00 per print. (11x14 size) Once you have orders for 48 or more prints, send it to us and pay only $7.00 each - our volume discount price.
(note: price is same for 8x10 or 11x14 size)

Lastly, we offer GENUINE CANVAS PRINTS to enhance the worship space
(or meeting areas) of your Parish. Price depends on size but be assured, we will give the best price possible.

It is our hope, that “The Light of Life” will find a space in parishes across the that those who hold the “personally opposed but” mindset, may see their Savior in the womb of His Blessed Mother.... and be inspired to getinvolved in the Right to Life cause.
This Icon is ideal for Advent and Christmas and even Ordinary time!




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